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Winter Sport: Start Smart – Finish Healthy.

The brunt of summer appears to be over and sports club registrations have begun, we know that the Winter Sport season is upon us. Unfortunately, it is this time of year that we see many preventable injuries come in through the doors of Gymea Allied Health Centre. As pre-season training kicks off we will see a higher amount of muscle tears, joint sprains and tendon and ligament injuries. To help you get the most out of your body this season, here are a few tips…

1.Warm up. Going from zero to flat-out is not the right way to launch yourself in to exercise. Start off with a light jog to get the blood pumping and gradually start to stride out a bit more. Then spend some time with some dynamic warm-up exercises specific to your sport. Pay attention to your body to make sure you are moving smoothly in all movements, especially in any problem areas that you may be aware of.

2.Listen to your body. If you start to feel a niggle, then STOP! What may be a minor injury could turn into a more time on the sidelines if you try to push through it.

3.Manage Fatigue. When you are fatigued (which can happen quickly in the early part of the season) you are at a higher risk of injury. Have a spell on the sidelines to recover while staying warm and mobile.

4.Hydrate. Water before, during and after. Your body needs adequate fluid levels to maintain muscle function, temperature regulation and blood volume.

5.Cool down. Before you get back to the club house, finish with a light slow jog and some slow dynamic stretches. This will help you with recovery by preventing blood pooling in your muscles and you won’t be so stiff for your next session.

These simple exercise habits will go a long way to keeping you on the field this season. Please see one of the great practitioners at GAHC if you have any niggles that need to be seen to before you get into sport this winter or if you want to know more about how to warm-up effectively.

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