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Podiatry is the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limb. They treat conditions resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis, soft-tissue and muscular pathologies, as well as neurological and circulatory disease. The complications of the above, such as skin and nail disorders, corns, callus, and ingrown toenails can be treated by podiatrists. Foot injuries and infections due to general or sporting activity are also diagnosed and managed by podiatrists.

Generally, a podiatric consultation involves a clinical history, physical examination, diagnosis, development of a treatment plan and provision of a range of therapies. Clinical assessment techniques take into account medical and surgical history, footwear, occupational and lifestyle factors, and may incorporate diagnostic equipment such as a Doppler, radiography, nerve conduction tests to secure a diagnosis and prognosis.

All podiatry services require skilled use of sterilised instruments, and are carried out according to full infection control principles, along with appropriate application of pharmacological agents, specialist wound dressings and physical therapies. Custom foot orthoses can provide permanent solutions to corns, callus, and ulcers in their capacity to provide pressure redistribution. They are also a vital tool in the treatment of acute and chronic foot and knee conditions such as tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain, and stress fractures through functional biomechanical realignment.