exercise physiology

Lifting pink hand weights during an exercise physiology session

What is Exercise Physiology?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) hold a four-year university degree. They are allied health professionals who specialise in exercise. More specifically, the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. Exercise physiology provides support for clients with a myriad of different conditions. This includes conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental health problems, cancer, arthritis, pulmonary disease, and more. AEPs are eligible to register with Medicare Australia, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and WorkCover. Exercise Physiology is recognised by most private health insurers.

Exercise Physiology may help you with:
  • Overcoming persisting pain caused by injury or overuse
  • Improve your heart health
  • Rehabilitate following a cardiac event
  • Control your diabetes
  • Prevent pre-diabetes from progressing to full diabetes
  • Improve your recovery following cancer treatment
  • Improve your general health and wellbeing

Exercise Physiologists also provide training in safe manual handling; perform functional assessments; carry out sub-maximal and maximal fitness tests; perform body composition tests and musculoskeletal assessments, and provide lifestyle education to help people manage their health conditions.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals. As such, they provide exercise and lifestyle therapies. As a result of these therapies, they provide prevention and management of chronic disease, injury, and disability.

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Meet the Team

Brent an Exercise Physiologist

Brent Collier


Brent Collier has worked as a Health Professional since 1996 in positions ranging from High Performance Sports Science/Coaching, Health Science and Massage Therapy. Brent completed further studies in 2001 becoming an Accredited Exercise Physiologist majoring in Clinical Rehabilitation. Brent is the Director at Peak Health, one of Sydney’s leading Exercise Physiology practices.

Brent’s unique approach to treatment has helped improve his patients’ outcomes by applying evidence-based rehabilitation to all walks of life. This 20+-year experience has led to him consulting alongside a number of leading specialists including Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Paediatric, Rheumatologists, Immunologists, Oncologists, and varied Allied Health professionals.

Brent’s real passion though is helping patients with complex and chronic conditions. He takes pride in specialising in Cancer Care, Exercise Oncology, Chronic Fatigue CFS/ME, Chronic Pain, and Complex Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation.

When Brent is not working, he can be found at the beach with his beautiful wife and 3 children or in the bush on his beloved mountain bike.

Brooke is an Exercise Physiologist

Brooke Collier


Brooke has been practising as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Peak Health (Gymea) since 2008, having special interest in active lifestyle management for people living with complex chronic conditions.

Brooke finds nothing more rewarding than providing exercise interventions to improve the patients’ functional ability aiding quality of life, using her thorough knowledge and insight into physiology, biomechanics, posture, and healthcare. Brooke is successful in providing a holistic approach to treatment using her dual qualifications as an exercise physiologist and massage therapist.

Brooke also runs multiple programs in group or individual settings including; Lifestyle Programs, Clinical Pilates, Better Bones, Hydrotherapy and Water Based Programs, Manual Handling and Falls Prevention.

When Brooke is not working, she is spending time being active outdoors with her cavoodle ‘Ruby’, water skiing, snow skiing, kayaking or mountain biking!

Jenny is an Exercise Physiologist

Jennifer McBride


Jennifer joined Peak Health in 2017 as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has 15 years of experience working within various health care and sport environments. Jennifer has always been fascinated by Human movement, physiology, and the body’s ability to thrive and adapt even in the presence of injury and health conditions.

Jennifer’s academic background is in Sports Rehabilitation from St Marys University London with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2007. Jennifer’s areas of interest include persistent pain conditions, women’s health including pre/postnatal, autoimmune conditions including Spondyloarthropathy, and complex Chronic health conditions. She has a special interest in connective tissue disorders, in particular, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Jennifer is passionate about person-centred care and will work you to help find solutions for your goals and health care needs.

When Jennifer is not working she is spending time with her husband Chris and their three beautiful children. She is currently involved in providing consumer advocacy and representation for a clinical academic group to help change the current landscape of musculoskeletal research.

Micheal is an Exercise Physiologist

Michael Tran


Michael finds great reward in providing evidence-based exercise, education and lifestyle support to assist individuals improve their physical ability, mental wellbeing and quality of life.

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Michael works with a range of individuals who may have suffered from or are living with neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and metabolic conditions.

Michael is part of the Sutherland Heart and Lung Team at Sutherland Hospital providing exercise services and lifestyle support for those living with congestive cardiac failure and chronic pulmonary diseases.

Outside of work, you might find Michael travelling around Australia, fishing or playing in his band.

Daniel is an Exercise Physiologist

Daniel Cullen


Daniel’s passion is supporting people to achieve their aspirational goals for return to work or sport, optimal health and their desired lifestyle through education and evidence-based exercise interventions.

Daniel has played AFL reserve grade with the Sydney Swans and is currently a Strength and Conditioning coach with the Swans Academy male and female squads. Additionally, he has been working as a practicing personal trainer since 2013.

Daniel is a practicing Exercise Physiologist who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the University of Wollongong as well as bachelor degrees in Sport and Exercise Science & Sport and Exercise Management from the University of Technology Sydney.

Daniel facilitates classes and training programs at Peak health including Clinical Pilates and the Diabetes NSW & ACT Beat it Programs. Additionally, he has completed the Strapit taping course and offers taping for pain management, posture control, and taping/strapping for athletes.

Outside of work Daniel enjoys Keeping fit, the ocean, Bushwalking, and drinking coffee.