base camp altitude training

What is Base Camp Altitude Training?

Base Camp Altitude Training is a boutique altitude simulation training facility located within the Gymea Allied Health Centre.

Base Camp provides a high-end facility to help individuals reach their highest potential through simulated training at altitude. The results have been proven in clinical tests. It just works. We cater to sports performance and event readiness. This type of training is for athletes of all levels as well as acclimatisation for adventure travel.

We also have a focus on the more clinical applications of altitude training such as diabetes and weight management. Furthermore, it is also helpful for respiratory disease management and returning to sport from injury and/or surgery.

Utitlise this training in conjunction with one or more of the health services offered here by Gymea Allied Health Centre such as Exercise Physiology.

You can find more information about Base Camp by visiting or call us to talk about the benefits for you

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Base Camp Altitude Training

Base Camp Altitude Training room and equipment
Base Camp Altitude Training room and equipment. Seen from the side