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Vital Greens

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All in one nutrient boost

Feeling tired? Run down? Can’t shake that Winter cold?

Time to boost your immune system with Vital Greens.

Vital Greens is nutrient rich for the time poor. It contains 76 wholesome, natural ingredients that work together to support the liver, boost the immune system, promote digestion and support the nervous system. It promotes health by providing enzymes, fibre, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, essentials vitamins and minerals, herbs, protein, Super Greens and pro-biotics.

Vital greens is a great all-in-one solution for improving physical health and mental sharpness and it comes in a delicious powder for easy consumption.

The staff at Gymea Allied Health Centre have been testing it out for 12 months now and are amazed at the increased energy levels and general well being that Vital Greens has provided.

Pop into the centre and try some today!